Thursday, May 1, 2008

Being an Only Son

I had always thought how it would be like to be an only son. For those who don't know yet, I'm the eldest of two siblings. I have a younger brother (unfortunately, Lol!). But I did grow up having to experience the life as an only son. I remember that I would always be the center of attention in every family gathering and whenever my parents meet some friends on the way to anywhere. I loved it when my parents would come home from work with "pasalubongs" or gifts may it be food or toys.

I quite enjoyed the "single life" and I never did feel lonely or alone like some only children would feel because I had my neighbor who always kept me company and who I play. I really never knew that I had a brother who was about to come out into this world and if ever I did know I wonder if I would be excited. I really thought that Santa Clause had a gift for me at the hospital as my witty nanny's had said. But to my dismay my present was my brother.

I really felt insecure and the sibling rivalry was there where I really thought that he was more favored and all. But it turns out that he wasn't really favored over me and I'm at ease hehehe. My brother is the black sheep of our family and I'm the... uh... definitely not a sheep that's for sure!

But recently I'm feeling more and more that I'm an only child and I'm loving the attention I'm getting hehehe. My brother is always away somewhere with my other cousins or what ever land or place he could think of always with his stupid good-for-nothing friends. I'm not complaining nor do I miss him but it's quite irritating that he doesn't stay put like the good son that I am hehehe (so many hehes in this post, Lol). But we kind of understand him since he wants to spend his precious moments with his nonsense friends while he still can because fortunately enough for him he'll be leaving them behind. If you're wondering why I dislike his friends so much well let's just say that they are a bad influence to him (not that he's not already rotten to begin with).

So am I loving the only son situation I'm having now? Yeah I'm kind of getting used to it already. ^_^ But my brother better bring his self home before I drag him home.

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