Saturday, May 17, 2008

People Who Curse and Say Bad Words

I really hate people who says bad words and curse! I hate it when I hear them cursing by themselves because it just makes the air so negative and I don't like it and I get in a bad mood.

I wonder why some people love having a foul mouth. Maybe they think that it's so cool and that they are so amazing if they had a wide vocabulary when it deals with ill and bad words.

Here are other terms for bad words: A curse word. A swear word. A malediction, malison, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, proscription, commination, expletive, disparagement, vilification, or vituperation. Bad language, strong language, foul language, colorful language, blue language, unparliamentary language, profane language, or harsh language.

As Dr. Kate said:
"Swearing in public upsets many people. It is really verbal harassment if other people can hear it.

It is good manners to remember where you are and think about other people's rights and feelings. Everyone has the right to feel safe and having to hear loud nasty words can make people feel unsafe. If people are annoying you by using bad language move away from them and don't use it yourself."
If you grew up swearing all the time then you should really stop it because it is very offensive and rude. If you can't help it and have to say something then make it creative like saying Holy Cow instead of Holy Sh*t or "Bark" it instead of the F word.

And if anyone uses these foul words at you remember that there are more words in the vocabulary than the known foul words. Example:

Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: Excuse me is it me or do I smell a foul wind slightly blowing?
Foul Mouth: Why don't you [censored] me instead you [censored].
You: Oh please my dear fellow, you are nothing but a minute particle slowly drifting to a dark lonely abyss... I pity you.
Foul Mouth: Oh come on you [censored]. You think that I [censored] care about what the [censored] you're talking about?!


Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: (not minding that pitiful creature)

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