Thursday, May 29, 2008

Angel the Miniature Pinscher

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Angel the Miniature Pinscher! Nope she’s not a replacement for Missy (because there would only be one dog in my life and that’s my Missy). Angel belongs to my mom’s cousin and we’re staying with her in Makati at her place while we wait for our seminar. What I find cute with Angel is that she can really bark loud for a small toy dog. This dog could be mistaken for a toy indeed as she was very small! This has been my first time to actually see a toy dog, the toy dog I could see on TV was Paris Hilton’s dog. But Angel is quite fashionable don’t you think wearing that pink dress and a gold necklace.

My Tita Marlyn (Angel’s owner) said that dogs were not allowed in their building but she could easily pass through the lobby without Angel being noticed. She just had to place Angel in her handbag, Lol!

Angel is the perfect Toy Dog to put in your bag and tag along while you walk and buy stuff at the local designer stores like Paris Hilton hahaha!
Awe... I miss my own angel, Missy the Doggie...

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