Monday, May 12, 2008

Midnight Snacks Won't Pack Fat

Ok I have been guilty of sneaking into the kitchen to grab a midnight snack (but only once, I'm so defensive hehehe). What can I do? I was going to bed and my stomach was begging me to eat something. So I did grab something from the refrigerator a Del Monte made recipe "Pizzarap (coined from the words pizza and masarap (yummy)". It was really yummy, it was made from cheese and ham rolled into a pan de sal (a type of bread) but it was more of a taco looking than a sandwhich... I actually had two slices...

Anyway I was guilty and all saying that I'm trying to loose weight but all I do is eat and eat and I ate at midnight when my metabolism is lower. But! Hear me out peepz! I have a scientific research to back me up!

According to Daniel J. Denoon, Midnight Snacks Won't Pack Fat! Activity and not meal timing is the key to weight control. You see they did these experiments with monkeys (since they are very similar to us) and they compared if nighttime meals made the monkeys heavier as compared to monkeys who have midday snacks.

Guess what? No change at all. Both monkeys still became fat. But some stayed lean because they were more active (monkey exercise, Lol!). And for those who believes that eating late at night makes you fat, that is a myth!

"If it were true that nighttime eating made you fat, everyone in Spain would be obese -- because they don't eat dinner until 10 p.m." as said by Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD
So hurray for me! A scientific study saved me from my "lapse of judgement" hehehe. Anyway I still have to look at what I eat though... I just hope there's an easier way to loose weight.

Update: Anyway, although you can have that midnight snack, please do try to sit awhile and don't go to bed directly as you might have another problem and it's not gaining weight... it's gastric reflux. It's when what you ate goes back to your esophagus because gastric acid (which is stronger when there is food) burns the esophageal sphincters which then leads to our heartburn. Also try sleeping lying at your left side so that the normal anatomical position of the stomach would help prevent the sphincter from being burned.

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