Friday, May 2, 2008

Making and Publishing Posts for the Future

This coming May 7 we will be flying to Manila for some seminar my parents and I have to attend some seminar or something. The Canadian embassy said that this was a prerequisite before we leave for Canada. We're going to stay in Manila for a week visiting some relative and go shopping for new clothes (yipee!). And a week later we will be heading for Cebu for another set of seminar.

With all this flying and island skipping I thought about my blog (like any concerned blogger would do, Lol!). I should really have some posts ready since I want to update my blog on a daily basis but how do I do that when I'm not sure if the places were we will go to have WiFi. My mom said that most hotels in the Philippines have WiFi but I'm not taking any chances.

Good thing I've read Blogger's new announcement about post-dated posts (like post-dated checks huh?). Yup the lovable and creative dudes and dudettes had formulated a solution to every blogger's dilemma. Nope they haven't invented a time machine but they did something even better.

For Blogger users when you create a post you would find "post options" below right? If you click that you would be given the "Post date and time" option. If you want your post published in the year 2013 or any day in the future you could easily do that by entering the desired date and time.

Isn't that amazing? This is why I love Blogger so much!

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