Thursday, May 1, 2008

Browser issues

I had always loved Mozilla Firefox but I seem to have some browser issues. You see if your using Firefox and you're viewing and reading this page now you should be seeing two other columns to the right of this post. If you don't see any additional columns you may be having the same problem as I am. The two columns can be found then at the bottom of the page. It's quite frustrating.

I have to view the browser in full screen (you can press F11 for the short-cut) to see the two remaining columns in their right position. Maybe it's just because I have a small screen on my laptop (14.1 inches wide-screen) or a lower resolution... oh there you go! I fixed my browser issues hehehe. Turns out that I just had to make the resolution higher hahaha!

It really helps when you have some know how with computers. It sure makes life easier. ^_^

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