Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Love You Jollibee

If you ask any Filipino what fast food chain they love, the majority would perhaps say Jollibee. Jollibee has a long history and it has already been part of the Filipino culture. You wouldn't be in a mall in the Philippines that wouldn't have Jollibee in it.

So why would people love Jollibee? Here are some reasons I came up with:
  1. The prices are very reasonable and affordable. For as low as Php 39 you could already have a decent meal. The meal does not have any drinks but you could always request for free water (a healthy choice too!).
  2. Wide menu selection. One has a variety of food to choose from from pasta, chicken, steaks, and not to mention their yummy desserts! And guess what? They still are innovating and adding more selections to their products!
  3. It's a trusted brand. What began as a modest start-up in 1978 is now one of the most remarkable success stories in local business. What is now known as Jollibee started out as an ice cream parlor founded by the Tan family, led by Tony Tan Caktiong. However, the company knows how to adjust to its customers' tastes, and soon it was serving more of the hamburgers and spaghetti that were added to the menu. It eventually incorporated even more food items into the menu, including everyone's favorite Chicken Joy, the chain’s #1 selling product to this day.
  4. Great Customer Service. The store team are very friendly and accommodating. I am going to share a personal story that proves the great customer service of Jollibee.
So here is the story. I was waiting for my mom at a Jollibee in Divisoria (Cagayan de Oro) because that's where we always met before Jollibee-XU opened up. I ordered a chocolate sundae and as I was carrying my order to my table on the second floor I dropped it and it fell to the ground making such a mess. Of course I was quite conscious with what happened and quickly escaped. Some Jollibee crew members saw this and cleaned my mess up. A little later I was amazed because they gave me another chocolate sundae to replace the one I dropped! It was my fault that the sundae fell but they replaced it anyway! This is why I love Jollibee so much. Every time I have to eat out or have an early breakfast (before 6 am) I always go to Jollibee because never have I been disappointed with them.

I told myself that if ever I would set up a business in the future I would like to franchise a Jollibee food chain, well that is if I have 15M to 30M (USD266,445.00 to USD532,890.00) in the future.

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