Friday, May 30, 2008

On Flying

I just love flying! I had ridden an airplane at least 5 times but I never get over the thought that I am actually flying above the clouds like I have always dreamed as a kid. I was carefree and for a short while everything else didn’t seem to matter, all my worries and things on my mind disappeared. I was lost in my own imaginations as I stared at the mountains and the sea. The flying experience was amazing.

I could just imagine myself having super powers and that I would soar high into the skies with my black wings and I know that I would love the way the cool wind would blow into my face.

I just hope that my 12 hour flight to Canada will be as equally enjoyable but I bet it will! As long as the in-flight entertainment is good, hahaha! ^_^

Photo Credits:

Blue blue sky by ~Eevee90

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