Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Fear Your Problems

Fairy tale endings where the princess and the prince charming live happily ever after will never happen in real life. Why? Because what would they be doing when they’re just happy? What would they do if everything just works out for them? The answer? They would get bored to death! As one friend of mine said, she wants to look for problems because life with out problems would be plain repetitive! At first I thought that she was out of her mind and she probably needs to talk with a psychologist quick! Why would anyone look for problems? But after thinking over what she said I suddenly realized that she was such a genius!

As one very smart friend of mine wrote, people nowadays are getting more indolent. It’s a known fact that we only use a few percentage of our maximum brain capacities. Our desire and motivations to learn and gain more knowledge is put to halt because we find no use to think at all. Our scientists do all the thinking and we just sit around and just enjoy life. What’s the use of trying to learn something new when it’s all just prepared for us? Everything now happens so quickly and we can satisfy our wants just like that! We love the convenience that’s why we are so addicted to it. We become so attached with our gadgets and lifestyle that we sometimes have great difficulties living without them. But this is not the point I want to discuss about. I don’t want to talk about the fact that we should be careful and not to allow technology to take over our lives and how we should learn to manage even in its absence. I also don’t want to talk about how we should invest in our minds so that we can actually have the chance to evolve into a more sophisticated and superior specie.

What I really want to talk about is that we shouldn’t blow a fuse when problems and hardships come our way. We should learn to take charge of the situation and actually create something positive out of it. Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes and take chances because if we do we may never learn anything. Let us not allow one failure to delay us on our way to success.

A utopian world is impossible because problems exist so that we could apply all the things that we learned in our experiences. Having problems can also spice up our boring lives.

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