Sunday, May 4, 2008

Making A Difference with Boats

How amazing it would be if you could change I child's life with your old, beat-down boat. Yes, with your boat donations you could help a child stay away from prohibited drugs through promotional campaigns like animations and anti-drug documentaries. Or if you prefer that the proceeds go to another charity of your choice, that could also be arranged.

So if the thought in your mind is, "How do I donate my boat to charity?", simple! Just follow these steps:
  1. Either call Boat Angel at 1-800-227-2643 or fill out an online form at
  2. They will send you out a receipt via email and package in the mail with a form and a disposable camera so that they can get pictures of the boat
  3. They get the package back from you and list it at Your boat will be picked up in 6-8 business days. If it doesn’t sell, then they will pay to have it stored!
Donate boats now and be able to make a change to the lives of thousands of children! Be a BOAT ANGEL!

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