Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Want Eyeglasses!

Yup I sure do want eyeglasses! Yeah that's me but those glasses aren't mine, they belong to KC, the one you see at the back hehehe.

We actually went to an optometrist to have a check up to see if I need glasses and to my dismay I had a perfect 20/20 vision. Darn perfect eyes hehehe.

Yeah I actually want to have eyeglasses becuase of the following reasons:
  • people with eyeglasses look smart and sophisticated
  • I think it's fashionable
  • I don't want anyone to see my eyes (but I'm not talking about sunglasses already, Lol!)
Oh well sooner or later I will have to get glasses since I'm always in front of the computer (I'll just cross my fingers hehehe). Other people who have eyeglasses don't really like wearing them and some kids think that it's nerdy and geeky looking, but for me I'd rather be a nerd hehehe.

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