Sunday, May 18, 2008

In a Bag

After packing all my bags I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. I can't help but ask, "Is this it? Is this all that belong to me?"

I suddenly realize that my material possessions really didn't matter at all. Because if ever I was gone and my possessions also disappeared then there was nothing that could ever prove that I ever existed (well there are my records at school and at the government registrars and this blog).

My possessions could all disappear (in fires, thefts, and other natural disasters) and then what would happen to me? What would happen to my life?

I felt uneasy as I felt that all that was me was crammed into just one large bag... it really is weird.

I then became afraid of what might come. Am I ready? Are we ready to live a new life in a distant and foreign land? But I do have my family to rely on so I guess that everything will be ok.

Photo Credits:
Leaving by ~cmos-retina

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