Friday, May 2, 2008

Garage Sale Made Easy

I really thought that having a garage sale is very easy but I tell you it's not! especially when you have neighbors like our neighbors. Imagine our prices for our stuff are so reasonable that we're practically giving them away! But our neighbors are so cheap that they still want the price lower! Imagine we have this set of vintage china vases that we are going to sell for only $20/each but our neighbors wants to lower the price to $5 for the whole set. What?

We knew that we have to make our market larger if we want to get buyers who are more sophisticated and refined who can appreciate really good china and appraise it for what it really is worth!

We thought of selling it on e-Bay when a family friend of us suggested another easier way which of course entails selling it online to reach more possible buyers. Why not try the services of iSold It? And it was such a great idea indeed!

With iSold It selling items online is so easy and you don't even have to do anything. Just drop your old item to any iSold It stores and they will do everything from appraisal, photography, posting on e-bay and all you do is watch your item online through the link that they send you and wait for bidders and when it's bought, the item is professionally shipped and your check is given to you!

If only we knew about this sooner we wouldn't have to go through the nightmare we had with our neighbors tsk tsk!

Sponsored by iSold It!

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