Monday, May 26, 2008

Creative Regeneration

After 10 years (well not really, just an expression) I've finally logged in back to my blog and updated it with this entry. I've already been home for a week now but for that one whole week I felt really lazy and I didn't want to do anything but just sit back and relax and watch TV (which I never do when I was busy blogging) or something.

But again after having some thoughts on my 1 week (or more) absence from the blogosphere maybe it was a productive thing to do. Let's just call my absence for one week as creative regeneration. The more rest I got, the more ideas I get back for blogging.

Or... you could just call me plain Mr. Lazy hahaha!

I plan to take advantage of Blogger's future-dated posts feature because once again I'm going to travel and this time I'm already moving to Canada. I'm once again bringing my lappy along but as by experience, never expect for a free Wi-Fi connection.

Plus with my future-dated posts I can be assured that my blog will be updated even if I don't log-on. Ha! Call that emergency blogging hehehe.

Picture Credits:
by ~tjernstrom

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