Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free Wi-Fi Connection at the Centennial Airport

I was waiting for my flight to Cebu when I decided to boot up my lappy since I saw other users fiddling with their laptops. I thought that there was a free Wi-Fi connection so I booted up as well. Well I did manage to find several Wi-Fi connections but some were free yes but no wonder they are free because the connection was slow and unstable. I had to reconnect every 5 minutes or so and it took several minutes for a page to load. Well my time and effort in booting up my laptop was sure wasted since I couldn’t connect to the internet anyway.

But at least I had the time to write this entry so by the time I arrive home I have more entries that I could post because it would be another several weeks until I am able to connect to the internet when I travel to Canada.

But really, airports should really provide free Wi-Fi connections because we do pay airport fees or whatever aside from the airplane tickets we buy. I swear, that the internet is a valuable utility since it could help you in booking hotels and renting cars because searching the phonebook and calling each establishment one by one is surely a waste of time.

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