Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fashion Schools

Nobody knows this but I am into fashion and studying this art in a fashion school has been one of my dreams. Well I may not become a famous fashion designer in the future but at least learning how to mix and match colors and decide what looks best for me is one good reason why I should enroll in a fashion design school. Not only will I save a ton of money for image consultations I will also save my self from frustrations of not being able to find the clothes that matches my style and personality.

I really love clothes and I love to look good so that I could also somehow feel good. They say that first impressions are important and wearing the right kind of clothes may attract new friends to you or repel them away. Fashion is one good way to express one's personality. "What you wear is who you are," as one saying goes. And what's the best place to learn about what's new and what's hot and be a professional fashion designer? No other than fashion schools!

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