Sunday, April 2, 2006

The Trade with the Devil

I made a short story but it isn't finish yet... Please read and messgae me your comments wether I should continue this plot or dump it. Constructive criticism only, no flaming please... Hehehe... Thanks!
The Trade with the Devil

“Come to me son of Adam, let me take away your pain, your sorrow, and all your troubles,” calls the eerie voice from the mysterious box.
“It’s so weird! What is this? Who’s talking to me? What is that sad bizarre melody?” uttered Sam to himself.
The voice again called for Sam, “Come to me son of Adam! Let me free you from your bondage. Let me free you from your misery and torment!”
“Misery? Yes… My life is empty… I am hollow. I don’t want to feel this way. I’m so lonely, scared, and hurt. I don’t want to do this any longer!” cried Sam.
“Yes! Come to me!” the voice became louder and more intense.
“Wait! What is this? Why is this happening? Stop! Stop!” Sam helplessly screamed.
“This is what you prayed and wished for. This is what you wanted! You cannot turn back from your destiny! Give me your soul! Let me free you from your mortal self! Let me take you away from the life that you hated the most! I will give you a new life! A life of darkness without human weakness of love, joy, and all of the feelings that only man can feel!” shouted the voice.
“No! No! No! It’s the devil! No! I did not wish for this! I don’t want any of that! I was only depressed. I was only sad for a while, I don’t want anything from you!” Sam shouted in despair.
“Hahahaha! You cannot turn back! You summoned me! Son of Adam! Give me your soul and I will give you eternal life! A life without hunger, pain, or suffering! A life of the living dead! Hahahahaha!” laughed the devil.
“No!!! Stop! No! God help me!” Sam raved like a madman.

The devil’s shape and form grew more visible as the bloody red mist flowed out of the music box. Darkness was surrounding the room as the devil approached Sam, there was no where he can run to. Sam’s heart was beating furiously as the devil was reaching for Sam with its huge sharp claws. With one swipe, Sam felt a part of him taken away and he suddenly falls to his back as darkness and the cold envelopes him.

Morning finally came and the sun’s rays broke through the thick dark curtains of Sam’s windows. Sam slowly rises to his feet and tries to remember what happened.

“Why was I sleeping on the floor? What happened to me?” asked Sam. As he turned his head, quick flashbacks of what happened last night rushed through his head like continuous snapshots. “My God! It was only a dream. It should only be a dream. Oh God I wish it was only a dream,” Sam frantically said as he stares at the gold music box on the floor.
Sam rushes to the bathroom and looks at himself on the mirror. He looks fine, although he was pale and very dark eye bags formed beneath his eyes because of the sleepless nights he had ever since his nightmares began. He began filling the bathtub with hot water and then added some cold water to cool the water a bit. He dipped his hands in but strangely he did not feel anything.
“My God! No! What is going on here?” Sam panicked. He took some razor blades from the medicine cabinet and started cutting himself. To his horror blood was gushing out from his wounds but he did not feel any pain at all. He started hitting himself but he just couldn’t feel anything.
“No! It wasn’t a dream! What am I going to do? Am I… am I dead?” Sam said to himself.

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