Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs… And Pokemon!

One thing that I really enjoy during my summer break is watching my 3 most favorite shows on TV!!! Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs are two great shows that I really love and they would give me an insight of my future profession. I so love watching these medical comedy/drama shows because they are entertaining and so educational. I feel great after watching these shows because I really am certain that my chosen profession really suites me and is really great!!! Dreams here I come! I really will work hard to attain my goals and I will run-over or kill any one who gets in my way! Grrr!
And of course there is Pokemon! My parents will be sure that I will be at home before 8:00 pm because that is when one of my favorite shows is on. I know that I’m already in college and I am already slightly corrupted by media and stuff but I can’t help it if watching pokemon brings out the inner child in me. I’m not doing wrong by watching Pokemon so let me be! Besides it’s better than watching porn which will just send me straight to hell!
I also love Bones, a detective/crime/forensic/medical series, which by the way is so cool! You see I kind of see my self as a forensic doctor or something someday! It really is so cool to bust the bad guys and make them pay for their sins! If only I had the power to pass judgment on the sinners then I would make them pay for their sins with death! I should really take a little break from my grim angel imagination things. I’ll write more about grim angels on my next post.

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