Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fame in the Family

I can’t say that my family is perfect, but I wonder if there is really a so called perfect family. But I don’t care if my family is not a perfect one because I still love my family all the same. I’m not really going to talk about why I love my family or why I sometimes have difficulties with them. I’m going to talk about my cousins.
Yes, I sure do love my cousins even though I’m not that close top them. You know what? I wonder if I really belong to our family because I don’t seem to be in the same spectrum as they are. I’m not saying that I am all so perfect but I can’t just help think why I’m so different as compared to my cousins. Don’t get me wrong. I look up to my cousins and I really am proud of them. You see my cousins are not the normal people you see on the street for these cousins of mine are extraordinary. They really stand out from the crowd because they have great physical appearances; my cousins are hot and beautiful. They also have this amazing energy that they have; they literally are the life of the party. They dress with style and they have a lot of friends. They also are very talented and very musically inclined. But my cousins are not the wanna-be’s or the trying hard social climbers for being classy and famous is in the blood of my cousins. They are not conceited and self-centered and they really are very good people.
Now, why am I so different from them? Well of course I am also famous and good looking like them because it runs in the blood, just kidding. I am totally different from them. I am an introvert and I am a nerd. But I don’t blame my cousins at all for being a little distracted because if I have the prowess of my cousins I wouldn’t care about school. But what can I do? I just love school, it’s the only thing I’m good at… buhuhu…
Anyway, even if I am not that close with my cousins I really look up to them and I so wish to be like them someday. Someday, I will make my family proud! They just won’t be proud to see me graduate with a cum laude or Magna Cum laude award, they would also be proud of me because of my other talents and skills which I hope to develop and have (hahaha).

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