Sunday, April 2, 2006


Wala lang I'm bored... I've been sitting infront of this stupid monitor and I am bored... Like hell! My download is taking forever to finish and I am hungry! No! I'm thinking of food again! I so love foos and I just eat and eat especially when I'm depressed. It really makes me happy... hey it's better than drugs right? Anyway I just love food and I love enjoying the flavor... wait, ok Vincent snap out of it! Think about other things! Yey! My download is starting to speed up... anyway, why am I posting this? Wala lang, just want to express myself and be heard by my friends out there.It is lonely being alone and I'm glad that I have friends to call my own.And my download is done! Yey! Anyway... Uwi na ako bye! Huh? What was that all about? Sorry I'm crazy today.Like I went to school, yeah yeah I know, I'm a nerd I love school. anyway, I went early to have an edge over the other enrollees so that I'll get ahead in the line to find out that I was a day early! It so happened that the grades and the green enrollment form is to be given away tomorrow and the enrollment-proper is on wednesday, the day after! Buhuhu! I have to come back again tomorrow so that I'll be the4 first to enroll! Wahahaha! It helps being sneaky sometimes! Hey I'm still enrolling on the assigned date, the only difference is that I acquired my requirements a ay before. Hey they should give me a break, I still have to pass my grades to the Academic Affairs Office and there are a lot of scholars at XU.So I have to return tomorrow... Wait... I wonder if I spelled tomorrow right? Yup it's right. At last, I would be doing something productive this summer, staying at home is boring! I can't believe I love school thismuch. I hope that I don't have Over-Reacting and Incompetent teachers this summer classes. I'm not really saying that all teachers at XU are bad but there are a few who really aren't student-friendly and they don't create an environment conductive to learning. But I have to say all my teachers in the first sem of this school year were excellent! But sorry folks, I won't backstab the teachers I don't like here. Maybe some placelse hehehe joke. But I do love my teachers, they really are great except for a minor few.
Please visit my blog and please do not post anything about porn. I do not want free porn and you know who you are!!! Come on! There is more to life than sex! I hate sex maniacs! Grr!!!!
Anyway, have a great summer to all. Bye! Love you guys and thanks!

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