Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Humiliated at Teen Choice Awards

I have heard of this story from my friends on Facebook and I've got to say that this was just plainly inappropriate. So if you haven't watched the video above, watch it now. If you don't want to watch it then this is how the story goes:

At the Teen Choice Awards, Dane Cook was on stage and he called out to Vanessa Hudgens to stand up. She did and she was waving her hands to him thinking that he would say something funny. Instead he told her in front of hundreds of people on national television to "Keep her clothes on" and that "phones were meant for calling". I think we all know about her nude pictures that were scattered on the internet. She was sorry for it and we all make stupid mistakes in our lives.

What Dane Cook did wasn't funny at all. It was a direct attack on Vanessa Hudgen's dignity as a human person and it was blatantly disrespectful to her. Dane Cook, there is a reason why people don't always say out loud what's on their minds. They don't want to be an inconsiderate jerk that places people in a difficult situation. I could really empathize with Vanessa Hudgens and if I were in her place I would really be hurt and I would either cry, run out, or kill that Dane Cook right there and then. But I have to give Vanessa props for keeping her cool and for being strong despite that great insult that was slapped on her face unexpectedly.

Vanessa Hudgens didn't come to the Teen Choice Awards to be humiliated or persecuted. If she did she would come to a comedy bar where comedians like Dane Cook would find faults in his audience and say inconsiderate things like that.

There is always the right time and place for everything. In the field of nursing or other professions, you do not blatantly point out a colleague's errors or mistakes in front of the patient/client because this would destroy one's credibility. If you really need to point out a mistake, you should do so in a way that doesn't humiliate your colleauge.

Also in real life you do not just point out things that would embarass a person. For example, I had this customer who was asking for an extra large coffee with 3 creams and 8 sugars. I didn't go berserk and say,"8 sugars?! Are you insane? Do you really want to acquire diabetes?". I didn't give her funny looks and just left her alone.

I have never heard of Dane Cook before but I sure would nominate him for the Biggest Inconsiderate Self-Worshipping Prick Award!

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