Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Climb

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I just love this song from Miley Cyrus! I'm not really a big fan of her (or a fan in fact) but when I heard this song I started to think that this girl does have the ability to inspire people. I can really relate to this song because right now I am dealing with so many stress, frustrations, and self-pity because I'm having great difficulty getting into college.

There are so many times that I've thinking of ending my suffering but I just had to remind myself that everyone has encountered life-altering problems in their lives and that they are able to get through it. My problem isn't that big if you look at it from another angle. I just have to wait it out and be patient because it just happened that there was no space in the program right now but I am eligible for admission.

Back to The Climb. If you read along the lyrics it tells us that there will be mountains after the mountain we are facing now. Life will be difficult but we can do it. I am especially captivated by the line "Ain't about how fast we get there". We all have desires that we want to achieve but we have to accept the fact that there are times that we are slowed down or redirected away from our goal but surely we can still reach it.

There were these 2 nice old Filipino couple, who are now retired and just enjoying the fruits of the many years that they have worked hard, who told me that I am still young and I still have so many things that I can accomplish. I was very happy when they called me "baby" when I told them that I was 21. I was glad to hear that they still think that I am still able to be who I want to be.

"And I, I gotta be strong. Just keep pushing on.... It's the climb!"

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