Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Get the Last Laugh

Remember my post about me being a victim of psychological harassment? Well turns out I get to have a fairy tale ending after all because those group of Filipinos who have nothing better to do with the remainder of their time but talk and stick their noses to other people's lives and act like they own the whole store laughing their heads of are finally going to be kicked out once they become noisy.

It so happens that the other regular customers in our store are so sick and tired of them being obnoxious and unruly that one of them sent a complaint to the store's head office and we were then told to remove them the premises whenever they become to loud or if anyone complains about them again.

But I'm actually not very happy that I have to wait for them to be noisy just so that we can throw them outside and ban them. I want them to be banned right now because I don't want to take anymore of their harassment. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to give my manager a harassment complaint. That way they get all the more reason to ban them.

I get the last laugh you [***censored***]!!!

I try to be the bigger person and just ignore them but what can I do? They just piss me off!

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