Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being a Responsible Blogger

As the saying goes, the right of one person is not absolute. All rights are relative because YOUR rights extend only to the point where MY rights begin. This holds true to the Right to Freedom of Speech. Although one is allowed to say, write, or express anything he/she wants, these rights end when you speak ill of other people and when you lie or mislead other people.

So why am I talking about rights? Well let's just say that I realized that as a Blogger, I should uphold certain rules of right conduct. Being a blogger is just like being a journalist. Although the scope and limitations of both differ in certain aspects, it can be held true that one can become a target of harsh criticism when one speaks ill of certain parties or when one publishes false information. This especially holds true to me because I don't hide under a false alias and I blog using my real name. Sure this can be a huge risk as this opens me to several dangers such as identity theft, stalkers, and etc yet this is countered by a positive aspect such as credibility.

On the internet, anyone hides under a false nickname and they can be who ever they want to be. This is why we have so many trolls or internet haters out there. Everyone who logs on to the internet should have their IP's registered so that anyone who is guilty of internet crimes such as hacking, fraud, and plain blatant disregard of morals and ethics on forums can be penalized.

So from now on, I will think of my audience. I will refrain from using foul language and I will handle sensitive topics with care. I will always try to remember that I should be a responsible blogger.

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