Saturday, November 8, 2008

When The Snow Drops

I took this photo the other night I was going home. If you notice the white streak of light, that is a piece of snow flake falling. Yup I was walking home at night when it started snowing. This actually wasn't my first time to see snow fall from the sky but it was the first time that I saw snow drop while was outside.

I have to admit that seeing snow fall from the sky is a very beautiful sight. It was just like rain except that it's frozen. It's like seeing tiny Styrofoam balls fall from the sky. It was just like being in the movies.

Although the amazement and joy of seeing snow for the first time turned to being troublesome. Since I wasn't wearing my winter coat with the hood that had a fur lining, snow was going to my face and was sort of blinding me so I came home as fast as I can so I wasn't able to take pictures and all.

But over all, even if I hate the cold, the experience was great.

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