Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Day

Ok today was Halloween and it was ok I guess. I was tired from work but I was glad that my co-worker gave me a lift home so I wasn't drenched from the rain. I was on my way to our apartment when guess what? The elevators were busted so I had to walk to the end of the building to take the stairs. Good thing that we're just at the second floor.

Anyway when I entered our apartment I saw my whole family in the living room, which by the way is very rare because when I come home at 11 pm from work they are usually asleep. We were just watching TV when my mom asked if my brother's Playstation can play here VCD then I told her that we should just use the DVD player instead, yup they all forgot that we had a DVD player, geez...

Anyway you thought that Halloween's Day would be scary movies night or something but instead of watching the standard Halloween flick, we decided to watch my mom's VCD that she had received from the Philippines entitled: A Very Special Love.

I actually am not a fan of Filipino movies (especially lovey-dovey movies) but I really liked this one for some weird reasons that I can't really understand. Well the plot was generic if you asked me, poor girl makes a rich self-centered guy a softee and falls in love with her, they fight and then he wins her back. But I did enjoy watching the movie. It was really funny and uhm... romantic? Anyway it's good, well worth the freight and all. It's been a while since I've watched Filipino shows since we don't have The Filipino Channel. All shows I see are either Canadian or American.

Anyway I'm getting dizzy and sleepy right now because it's already 2 am so off to bed for me.


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