Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Wonderful Day

Today was a great day for me. My mom, dad, and I went to West Edmonton Mall (WEM) today to shop for winter jackets and stuff to prepare myself for the incoming white hell hehehe. I'm really glad that I worked and didn't just goof off at home because I wouldn't have had shopping money if I didn't work for it. Oh yeah my mom could just buy me my stuff but nothing beats buying something with your own money right? Well now I'm broke again. If it weren't for my guaranteed investment account I would have $0 in my bank account. That's why I don't like going to the mall because I'm a compulsive buyer and when I shop I really want to buy everything I want in one visit so that I don't have to come back. The WEM is pretty far away so I don`t like going there. As much as possible I`d like to shop nearer to my house like the Millwoods Town Center.

Anyway my mom finally decided to buy a car for us. At least I won`t have to worry being stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere where there isn`t any bus service. My mom wants to buy an SUV that`s a 7-seater because she wants to have room for visitors. I was wondering why she woulod need space for guests when we don`t even have our own house yet so having visitors is not feasible as of the moment. Oh well, she`s the one buying the car so I don`t have the right to say anything. But I will help her choose a 7-seater SUV that is stylish and is very reliable. But I`d reserve that for another post.

But the most important thing that makes this day so good is that I finally received my PC after 2 months of being kept away from me from those Geek Squad who only fixed my computer a while ago and they even made me pay for just installing the Operating System back... what a rip off... Next time I`d buy a new computer instead of having it fixed because having to wait for that long and having to pay that much is just wrong. But I`m actually not ranting right now because all of that is overpowered by the presence of my beloved computer!

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