Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Locked Out of the House!

Seriously! Being locked out of your own freaking house is so infuriating that it's not even funny anymore (I wonder where I copied this sentence, hehehe). I hate it because it's not even my fault why I can't enter our apartment. My stupid brother left his keys at the house and then borrowed mine while I was at the mall looking for a job. I thought that it was already 5 pm so my mom would be at home already only to find out that my mom won't be coming home until 5:30 pm. Seriously, I am not going to let my stupid brother borrow my key again. Like he left it on his bed and maybe he didn't see it because of all the mess and clutter that he always makes. Seriously my day to day headache is my brother, sharing rooms with him is hell. We should have taken that three bedroom apartment rather than our two bedroom apartment.

Anyway I've managed to be not a bum today and I was able to drop off 5 resumes. I was going to work at the store that my friend is working but I had to walk so far to get there and it's already so cold. The temperature here is already below 0 degrees celcius and I feel my hands and head freezing everytime I go out so I decided to work at the stores at the mall near our house since the walking distance is lesser. I could ride my bike but I'm already so traumatized to do so because I have been almost hit by a car so many times. When I'm on a bike I'm considered to be another car that's why it's so frustrating having to try so hard to balance myself on the bike while waiting for my turn to cross the road.

Anyway, I really hope that I get a job at that sports store because there aren't many customers and just arranging stuff is kind my thing hehehe. I don't care if they pay me less than $9.50 an hour, just as long as the work isn't that hard and I'm not stressed out. I'm kind of demanding huh? Well, let's just see what turns out.

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