Friday, October 17, 2008

Job Hunting to Job Hopping

I posted here about my new job at Quizno's Subs and how lucky I was to finally been "jobful" from jobless (get the joke?). But now I am in a very difficult situation because I have to choose between my new job and my old job. And by old job I mean Tim Hortons. Yup! My manager just called asking if I was interested in looking for a job at Tim Hortons. Well I knew she would call (not to be cocky and all) because my friends and co-workers asked me if I wanted to work with them again and that they would speak with the manager for me.

Well I did love working at Tim Hortons. The only thing I hated at Tim Hortons was the fact that they keep switching my schedule and that they sometimes send me to work at the other branches of Tim Hortons.

Well as I said I'm in a difficult situation because although I want to work again at Tim Hortons, it's too late since I already ahve a job and it would be too rude for me to just quit like that and that the store owner of Quizno's Subs really trust me and they are so nice to me. They always ask me if I'm ok or if I'm happy. Has Tim Hortons even care if I was happy or not? Not at all...

What's the worst part of all this ordeal? Well I somehow said that I'm dedicated to my work and if ever I made a commitment I stick to it. Literal translation? Well I told him that if ever someone hires me I won't quit at Quizno's. It's hard to quit because as I said, my current employers are nice to me, and they even help me if I'm too slow at the job that they have given me. work at Quizno's is so easy as compared to Tim Hortons and they always ask me if the schedule works for me... what better employer could I ask for?

Now my problem doesn't stop here... how can I say no to the job offered by Tim Hortons when my friends have gone all through that trouble to convince my manager to hire me...

I wonder what other people would do if they were in my place. Would they choose a good employer but with lesser pay and they suck with their job or wouold they choose an employer that pays good and they do great in their job?

Well I have never been a good planner or decision maker so I'm having a difficult time taking in to consideration the consequences...

Well I did only work 4 days at Quizno's subs and it's not like they have stopped hiring so they can find another replacement. And I have agreed that they will delay my pay for 1 month so that they can have assurance that I won't quit like in this case after 1 or 2 weeks of work. But I don't want to hurt the people who respected and looked after my well being and who fully acknowkedges my great work.

I have thought of my actions tomorrow and I haven't thought about them that hard so I'm not sure of the consequences... but this is what I'll do tomorrow:
  1. At 8 am I'll give my manager a call back about her message that she left on the answering machine: If I was interested in working at Tim Hortons again.
  2. I'll tell my manager that I do have a job already but I am still interested in coming back.
  3. I'll tell her that I have three requests though (they are actually demands or conditions but request sounds better). My requests are (1) I only work at the 3-11 PM shift, (2) They don't send me to other Tim Hortons except for the one at 23rd Ave (that's where I live, Lol!) and (3) If possible (translation: MUST!), I could be paid $10/hour since I've already have worked at Tim Hortons for three months (even though I quit at such a short notice).
  4. Now there are two possibilities: (a) My manager says I'm over demanding and I should hit the road or (b) My manager falls and crumbles to my demands (or requests).
  5. If a: I stay at Quizno's Subs and live happily ever after and b: I quit at Quizno's and end up being hated and hurting two great people and I go back to Tim Hortons serving nasty customers their coffee (and being with my friends of course).
Either way I end up hurting people... but honestly I'd like it if my manager would choose Possibility A so I wouldn't have to quit and hurt my current employers. But if my manager chooses Possibility B then thios is what I'll do:
  1. I won't lie to my current employers: I'll tell them how I think that how great of an employer they are and how this job is great but I have to quit because my friends have asked me to come back at Tim Hortons.
  2. Get ready to be shouted at and be kicked out of the store.
All seems so easy but putting this plan into action is the hardest part... let's just see what happens tomorrow...

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