Thursday, July 29, 2010

Translia: Finding the Right Translation Company

As a nursing student, I need to have a lot of resources to write papers and to basically gather information. Information on certain subjects may be very limited and at times they are written in a different language, this is why I rely on translation services.

Finding the right translation company is as difficult as finding reliable and factual information on the internet. There are thousands of online translation companies but you have to make sure that you choose professional translation services. By professional, I mean a company who will make sure that the translation work is not only translated, but edited and proofread. Professional translation companies may take a little bit longer but the translated work will not have inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and the likes.

I really recommend Translia for translation services because having a document translated by them is as easy as requesting an instant quote on the translation work, making a payment, and downloading the translation. Unlike other companies, Translia charges by the word count and not by page, and there is no minimum number of words for them to accept your job order.Translia will not charge for a rush fee and they can translate overnight, within the same day, and even in an hour! When you request a quote, you will also receive a turnaround time and date, and if ever the job isn't finished on time as promised Translia offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Another aspect of Translia that I love that other language translation services won't have is the ability to track the translator who did your job order. This way, you can e-mail the translator and ask for progress updates and you know who to complain to if ever they made a mistake.


  1. Excellent information, you never cease to amaze me

  2. Thank you for sharing this, it will be very helpful for people requiring a translation and who may struggle finding the ideal translation company for their specific purposes.

  3. There are other things people should consider. When looking for a translation company, you should also enquire about how long it would take for your translation to be processed. You should also make sure the translation is going to be carried out by professional translators who are also native speakers of the target language.

  4. wow you don't often hear from a student who pays for a professional translation company to provide him with study material.

  5. I have requested the services of a translation company in the past, and I must say, they sound very much like the one you are recommending.

    They charged me by word and my translation was certified and proofread and delivered on time.