Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Management

Ah! Alas! I wish I was an expert on this but I'm not. Even when I wasn't going to school yet I never had good time management skills. In fact I often tend to procrastinate and just do what I can when I feel like doing it or if there is still time to do it.

Now that I went back to school and now that I am getting buried with tons of school work I have no choice but to pick up the slack and really start working hard. I even had to cut down my hours of work so that I can focus more on my studies... I wish I can quit work altogether but I have to pay for my car so it sucks.

Anyway I was supposed to allocate this time to studying and doing my online quiz but I guess it got replaced by Facebook, checking e-mails, and of course blogging. I realized that although school and work should be my priority but I should also allocate time to my blogging because my blog did help me get through my dry spells and basically depression phase.

Time Management is actually a great skill! Something that not everyone has. I did do some reading and there are three essential components of time management:

1. Remembering
2. Prioritizing
3. Motivation

It's easy to forget things that we need to do so it's always important to keep an agenda. I always have my student agenda with me and I always set long term and short term goals.

There are times when even if we remember all the things that we need to do, we still can't do it because we don't know which one to do first. This is when we should place certain things in priority. There are times when we simply can't do everything that we need to do, this is when we have to weight which of the tasks that we need to do is really important.

So we remembered what we need to do and we already prioritized tasks but we simply aren't in the mood. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! Do everything now so you don't have to worry about anything else tomorrow. I am guilty of this vile deed. I always put things off until it's simply too late. What's the moral lesson? Even when you're not in the mood just do it. You'll end up finishing what you started.

Maybe this could be my New Year's Resolution! Manage my time wisely!

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