Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm A Student Nurse Once Again!

Wow! It's already 2010 and A LOT has already happened! This is already old news but I'm officially a nursing student once again! Finally my life is back on track! I'm not a loser anymore and all of my self-esteem and self-worth has finally come back.

2010 has been a very great year so far and all the luck and blessings have suddenly flowed in. So let me begin by thanking the Lord for these blessings that I have recieved:

1. First of all I'm so ecstatic that I've finally been accepted and is currently studying BS Nursing at Grant MacEwan University. After one year of turmoil and self-loath, my time to shine has come!

2. We're finally moving in our new home! Yipee! No more living in a cramped condo! Now we have the basement, main floor, and second floor to move around in.

3. I've finally bought my own car! It sucks to have to work to pay for it but it's life. You have to work to have money.

4. I'm thankful for my job at Best Buy and for my co-workers who makes my life so easy. Working at Best Buy is perhaps the greatest choice that I have made.

I'd actually love to expound more on these stuff but now that I'm already a student nurse, I tend to be so caught up in both school and work that I seldom find the time to update my blog anymore but again, now that I'm more exposed to the real world, I now have the opportunity to share more interesting bits of tidbits and information.

Photo credits goes to topanmoon

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