Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Women Hunt

After rummaging the net (and after being pressured by Juliana hehehe) here are my pics for "The Women Hunt"!

Image is a Property of ~raephius

I guess that anyone who has a genuine smile is sexy.

For me I find Katherine Heigl (more known as Dr. Isobel Stevens of Grey's Anatomy) as the woman with the most sexiest body.

I told myself that I won't choose famous celebrities for this but what can I do. The more I search for sexy eyes the more I see of Angeline Jolie and I think she pretty much fits the description don't you. She has very seductive eyes.

Oh well there you have it my picks for The Women Hunt. ^_^


  1. Hahaha!! It worked...no pressures! Asan yung picture ko???Hahahaha.....oh well, I guess Angie and I can be mistaken as twins....FRATERNAL nga lang....magkaibang itlog...magka ibang matris ang pinanggalingan...hahaha....

    Salamat ng marami at naki halo ka sa kahibangan ng tag na ito....

    Kahit naman babae ata nababaliw kay Angelina Jolie eh.....parang may hipnotismo ang babaeng yun eh...

    Naagaw ba naman si Brad sa akin....kaya ako na lang si: Mrs. Arm-Pitt-Bull!


  2. Hey...

    Thanks for answering/commenting sa aking entry on "Bloghopping"...

    There are days na hindi ako nakaka hop but I really try to do it as often as I could. When I commit in doing something kasi, parang nahihiya ako [mahiyain daw o] pag di ko nagagawa.

    Like I said I don't expect others to do the same. Yun lang occasional visit eh ok na sa akin. Once a month will even work for me...even mas less pa kasi I know some have very hectic sched. Kaso yung iba....and I have a few in my list....after ng exchanging of links...never na bumalik. I am about to delete those links btw. Nakakainis kasi eh.

    Anyway, I may even lay low for a little while. Kasi lapit na talaga kami lumipat. So if you don't see me...don't go calling the police on me, okay? Naglilipat lang pow....

    Gotta go...kasi tutulog na ko...thx for the visit and comments....no pressures....haha!

  3. nice photos collection :-) lols.
    btaw, where is my links here? I added you already in my 2 blogs.

    Daystar Shine On Me
    Everything is Simply Amazing

  4. good selection.

    btw, care to ex link?

  5. nice pics u have in here, interesting blog, c ya in my site too at Gerlweyh

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  7. I agree with you. She do have a very sexy eyes. Dont you think her lips are sexy too? hehehe