Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On Destroying Homes

I watched a Korean movie this noon entitled "Miracle on 1st Street" and I found the story heart warming. Miracle on 1st Street is a drama comedy about gangsters who trying to scare people to move out from their property so the can clear out the area to make way for corporate construction. Pil Je (Lim Chang Jung) is a gangster who tries to scare people in the neighborhood. But Myeong Ran (Ha Ji Won) isn’t scared with Pil Je. She fights back and gives Pil Je something to think about. But as he gets to know her and the locals more, Pil Je senses himself changing, changing enough for a miracle to happen? It is sweet how Pil Je stood up for the poor people and helped in defending the street kids and the people of the slum area from those who oppressed them. But sadly he was just one man so he couldn't save the whole town.

Watching this movie had made me realize how lucky I truly am for being financially stable. It's sad that there are so many people out there who are less fortunate and had to live in the slums. But living in the slums is not really that bad, what's worst is when they are forced out by rich people so that they could transform the land owned by the poor people to a financially viable and lucrative commercial land.

I know that it's just a movie that I know that there are some truth in how the rich would not hesitate to resort to violence just to claim the land that these poor people legally owned. The movie showed some violent scenes when they forced the poor out of their homes and the rich didn't even give them anything in return for the land (a sort of subsidy). But what really is a tear jerker is when the mothers and children cried as they were helpless to defend themselves as the thugs of the rich destroyed their homes and physically abused the poor.


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