Saturday, November 18, 2006

My New Boarding House

I remembered the day when I first went away from the very first boarding house I went home to. And now for the second time, I'm moving once again from my other so-called new home. But I did not move to escape the people I hate, I had to move because I had to be able to concentrate to be able to study. I liked those people but I had to go away so that I can study.

Don't get me wrong, I like my boardmates and landlady but I had to move for the best. Well, at least best for me. It's just too noisy for me to study... But now that I had moved away and have already settled in to my new found second home I suddenly realize that maybe I just blamed the noise for not being able to study. Maybe it's just because of me that I'm not able to study. I'm just too lazy and I don't know why. Now that I have already ran out of reasons and maybe even excuses I am now finally to look at my mistakes for the one hundred millionth time...

Oh well, here comes a new page in my journey called life.

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