Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank You for the Many Blessings

I am very thankful for the many blessings that I have received. I guess that all my bad luck and depressions had suddenly became positive vibes as I got to accomplish some of my short term goals.

As of the moment, I am very happy and I am savoring every moment that I have right now. Who knows when the next wave of headaches and heartaches will occur.

Despite everything that I have went through I still am happy that I have been blessed to have a great life and a great family. Sure my life and family has flaws but they're mine alone and I am very happy.

Let me count my blessings and let me thank God and the other people who have made me a very happy person:

1. For finally being accepted into the Grant MacEwan University's nursing program after waiting for 1 year and being rejected by University of Alberta - Thank you!
2. For finding a better job and leaving behind all the people and the job that makes me a hateful and very stressed person - Thank you!
3. For passing my road test - Thank you!
4. For the fast construction of our home - Thank you!
5. For my family - Thank you!
6. For my friends who have kept me afloat all the times I was down and frustrated - Thank you!
7. For everything good that had come into my life which I failed to mention - Thank you!

I hope that this streak of good karma will continue on and I will pass this good vibe to everyone. I finally feel alive.

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