Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poor People in Canada

I just hate it when people beg for money here in Canada. These are the people considered poor here because they could always get a job like we did but instead they rely on the subsidy by the government and through begging for a living. They are well dressed, have a shelter under their heads, and they are able to eat three times a day.

They are poor but they aren't like the poor in the Philippines where children starve. Because here in Canada children are fed at schools (and schools here are free mind you, except college). Also there are no sick people who are left untreated because Canada has tertiary hospitals that are open to the public (poor or rich). And government hospitals in the Philippines are of no match here because hospitals here are very clean and well supplied with medical equipment and medicine.

But you know what? If you work hard and don't have children if you can't afford to have any then you will be more productive. Well, that's what I believe anyway.


  1. yup, i see some of them in halifax as well, not only begging on the streets but also begging while the traffic light is red. yes, just like here in UK, i refused to give a penny when the one begging is smoking and got some piercings and tattoos. i don't think it is fair. there is just different kind of poverty here in the first world country.

  2. Edgar,

    People here din who are poor are those who don't want to work - gusto lang welfare sa gov't. I can't stand those ppl mostly when I see my paycheck deductions while those lazy ppl aren't doing anything but sit in the couch and wait for handouts.

    Anyway, kumusta ka na? Medyo matagal din ako di naka drop by dito sa blog mo. Kasi sa opisina yung admin may topak; lahat ng blogsite eh nakablock kaya di na ako maka browse while at work.

    It's good to be back here. Now, reading time lol.

    Ingat lagi,

    Ate Anah