Thursday, November 8, 2007

Psychiatric Affiliation: The Davao Adventure

Who would have guessed that Davao would actually be fun... Yes it was fun but you couldn't over-shadow the 12 days of sleepless nights, brain-melting requirements, bloody case presentations, and the 5 days of being with naked crazy people.

So, let me begin my adventure with the picture of my bags for Davao...
They may look heavy but they actually aren't. So on October 20, 2007 I woke up AT 1:00 am (I actually didn't sleep well because of my anxiety...) and prepared took a bath then went to Dunkin Donuts by 3:00 AM for some breakfast and coffee. The bus came at around 4:00 AM, I was already waiting there but the bus drivers didn't let us board yet so I waited again for 5 am until finally we were able to board the bus.

I never did realize how enjoyable it is to ride a bus. It was like adrenaline was rushing all over my body. I was like a young boy who was getting to ride a bike for the first time. I really enjoyed looking at the people passing by and I was even tempted to wave at them but held back for the sake of my sanity.

Upon reaching Davao we were already oriented upon the tings we ad to do, after a hearty meal of course. Food is one of the greatest joys in Davao people. We did so many things before we could actually go on duty at Davao Mental Hospital. We had to undergo a drug test were someone will look at you pee trough a one way mirror (ewe!) and then had our hospital orientation and tour. We first had our first encounter with some nursing school from Kidapawan and we were so surprised how prepared they were. Imagine, bringing a CD for dancing at the orientation for an intermission number. But we looked better than them hehehe (connection?). Davao Medical Center was the largest hospital that I have ever been in in my entire life with the best facilities and equipments. I was truly amazed.

The mental hospital was only scary at first. Imagine seeing naked people and stinky wards... disgusting. And there was tis one crazy person chained to the wall who actually pulled my sleeves, good thing I reacted and ran away leaving only and prints on my sleeve (wonder what she was touching ewe!). The rest then became a routine. We tell them to was up, bring them to the activity area, take vital signs, interact, then bring them back to their cells.

Everyday would have been fun if only we didn't had tons of written requirements and those 9:00pm emergency meetings... geez people let me sleep! (hehehe, lazy bum).

But at least I was able to go to the malls there like Gaisano and SM. We even got the chance to go to this beautiful nature park called Eden. I especially loved the jungle swings thingy. The buffet would have been nice too if only they didn't ran out of peach float (how sad).

It was quite sad that I wasn't able to visit Ateneo de Davao but someday I'll get to go there hehehe.

That's all. A lot more happened really but you people might get bored hehehe.

If you really want to know what happened more, just check my pictures at:

Oh yeah, we failed our case presentation... I wonder if anyone actually passed case presentations?

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