Monday, August 7, 2006

Who am I?

Yes... Sometimes I can't decide who I want to be... I don't know... I'm suffering an identity crisis. I know it's normal for teenagers my age but I want to know what lies for me in the future... do I even have a future. I know that I should work hard because I am the one that will build my future but everything for me is so dull... nothing is hapening right... I have everything that I need but I don't have the will to go on... No... This is not one of my depressed states... This is serious. I need to decide and choose who I want to be and what my future will be. Everything is held up by a thin line that could break at any moment. I pray to God to give me a sign. What am I going to do now? Where will I go from here? I can't even make sense of what I'm babbling about. I don't know... It's all so dark...

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