Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogger Templates: Remove the NavBar

Blogger Templates: Remove the NavBar

If you've been to my blog a few days ago you would have noticed that my blog navbar was a bit placed in the wrong place so I decided to remove it. Good thing for me existed and my blogging problems were solved. What I like about this site is that they have pictures to go with their detailed instructions so newbies like me who have little knowledge about CSS and HTML programing could blog like pros (well just a teeny weeny bit).

Again my gratitude to and yes they also have free blogger templates (both CSS & HTML) so why don't you guys check this blog out.

Why Do You Have So Much Money?

Well I don't have that much but my mom asked me why I had so much money. It was actually a pretty weird situation for me because never have I expected my mom to ask me that question. Well I did tell her that much of my money that I have now was from my Nursing Garage Sale, which by the way is a great success!

My profit from my garage sale was a whooping Php 5125 or $125. Well and not to mention my other profit from blogging so yeah, I'm earning quite good. I guess that my summer have been really productive huh? Hehehe.

But still, I do blogging for the fun of it. ^_^

Career Options: Sonography Tech

I'm really serious about my future and right now I've been busy looking for other career paths aside from nursing and I have found another medical career that fits my interest and that's being a Sonography Technician.

So what is the job description? Well you operate and assist in the use of a high-tech ultrasound machines to direct waves to create an image of different parts of the body like the brain, eyes, and abdominal organs. Another interesting moments in a Sonography tech life is that he gets to share with the patients the joy and wonder when they have a video image of a fetus inside a mother's womb. You really get to appreciate God and all his wonders as you observe that fetus grow and mature as the mommy goes for her monthly check-ups.

And the pay is also good (average salary falls between $41,420 and $56,020 per annum) and your sure that you will be in demand since sonography/ultrasound is a standard operating procedure in hospitals so that doctors could easily and safely diagnose a patient's condition.

So if you're like me who is looking for other career paths in the medical field why not check out sonography and visit your nearest sonography schools for more info. And guess what, some universities offer online schooling for those who are working or have part time jobs.

What I Do When I'm Alone

The Singer by ~MargaritaMix on deviantART

Yup that's what I do when I'm alone. I sing! No one really knows this but I love singing. I just don't want anyone to hear me singing because I'm not that good yet. Whenever I'm alone at home I always try to record a song but so far I haven't finished any recordings yet.

I actually sound good but I'm a bit shy so I don't really try to reach the high notes because my house is near the highway and people might hear me. But wait... what do I care? I'm moving and who are they to judge me sing? They're not Simon Cowell! Hahaha! My dad will be leaving soon with my younger brother so the house will be mine. Therefore, neighbors prepare your ear plugs cause I'm gonna sing! Actually I prefer to be in a sound proof room right now or better, in the middle of nowhere.

I plan to sing Angels that Robbie Williams sang. Well I only liked Angels when David Archuleta sang it (no offense Robbie, I think you're a great artist ^_^). So guys wait for my recording of Angels hahaha!

If you want to hear Angels by David Archuleta just click HERE.

Why Not Become An X-Ray Technician

Ok, in my last post I said that I might not be able to finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing or maybe I'd pursue another career in the medical field. As they say, when a door closes enter a window! I've found another great medical career that I know I'll definitely go into if my plans for nursing don't push though. And what career is this? No other than being an x-ray technician.

What a better way to work in the hospital and you're pretty much in demand because x-ray diagnostics is a routine procedure in every hospital. And take note that the median wage for an x-ray technician is $40,000. That's more like a registered nurse's salary!

But let's not talk about money. Being an x-ray technician is also quite interesting as you get to work with state of the art equipments like X-rays, MRI's (magnetic resonance imaging), and CT (computerized tomography) Scanners. Plus you don't have to suffer like some nurses who have a lot of patients to handle, illegible doctor handwritings, and some very irritable patients.

So if you're a nurse you only need to study for one year and you could already be an x-ray technician. Even I, who have finished a 2 year Associate In Health Science Education, could qualify as an x-ray technician so I already have another career path if ever nursing does not work for me.