Monday, May 8, 2006

Teacher You're Wrong!

You know what makes me really angry?! Teachers that don't know how to teach!!! Grrr! It is so unfair that I have some teachers that really suck at teaching! My gosh! Is there a sudden lack in teachers at XU that they just recruit anyone, I mean "ANYONE", even if they suck at teaching? Like if I have a teacher like that I would rather teach my self. I mean I am teaching myself because my darn teacher talks to himself/herself during class discussions. And to think that this teacher gets angry and even annoyed if you correct her mistakes? Like BIG and STUPID mistakes!!! Grr!!!

I have highschool teachers who are far more competent than some of my college teachers! Xavier should think about having a re-evaluation of its teachers if it really intend to provide its students with "quality" education.

Noli Me Tangere

It's now 2:57 in the morning and I am already supposed to be studying but I find my self online blogging, well I have to unwind sometimes right? Anyway it sure is tiring being a director of a play especially when your actors are not as half as good as you (joke!). But it is fun being able to boss people around hahaha! Well we are going to present a play about Dr. Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. So far we have the script, we've managed to practice our first chapter and I think it's sailing through pretty fine. I just hope that our play will end up a success because our play is 40% of our grade!!!

I am quite glad that my talents as an artist is once again used, char! Hehehe... What else can I say? My cast is quite good! If only they find the inner actor/actress in theirselves I'm sure that our play will be sensational!

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Music Mania

Hey! Please visit my website at! I have loads of mp3 to share! See you there! If you have any requests please e-mail it to me with the subject: song request.

Ok, see you guys!

Breakage Madness!

Wah! I am so pissed offyesterday! I had so much plans with my English 17 breakage refund and the stupid finance office rescheduled the breakage refund. It only shows that Xavier has no more money! Wahahaha! But hey it's my right to get back my money. Why is it that they are always strict at collecting tuition fees from students (and they won't even allow us to take the exams if we don't pay) while they on the other hand can be lax at giving us back our hard earned money (well our parents' hard earned money)? Grrr!

Midterms Have Past and Gone

Being a nerd, I feel that it is my duty to talk about my school life... not! But I still want to talk about it because I am bored and I have nothing else to post here on my website. As in the midterms were so easy and it was so frustrating that I studied so hard! Well anyway, it's better to study and have an easy test than study hard but still fail right? But I'm getting bored my self talking about school so I'll make this short... Main Point! I Survived Midterms!!!