Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leave It to the Geeks!

This post was never meant to offend or degrade geeks all over the cyberworld but it's actually my way of thanking them and praising them for their great knowledge and skills. I especially am happy with the geeks at Web Hosting Geeks.

I am someone who loves blogging and should I dare say self obsessed and narcissistic (wait they both are the same right?) that's why I have a blog that is named after myself. But having a domain requires a need for web hosting and I wouldn't have chosen the right one from hundreds or thousands of web hosting companies.

Blogging used to be such a pain and was a cause of my headaches but thanks to the articles, lessons, and reviews that Web Hosting Geeks had I was able to learn a lot and was able to differentiate the difference between different types of web hosting such as dedicated server or vps hosting.

I actually used to pay a fortune with my last web host but with the help I got I was able to switch to a different web host that was affordable and yet provided me with all my web hosting needs. This is why it's always great to have a geek around.

Materialistic and Insecurities

This topic isn't new to me and I think that I have blogged about this over and over again but there are some things that never get old because these topics are regular occurring events that needs to be reflected upon. But then again this is my blog so I can do and say what ever I want.

Yes I am materialistic I admit to that but the things that excites me or bring joy and fun into my boring life are things that I cherish and find importance. Materials or worldly things can become in a sense "important" or "irreplaceable" because certain emotions and memories are attached to them thus the birth of mementos and of course idols or icons.

But to me, the material things that makes me happy are the things that I have strive for. I worked my but to get these things so to be called materialistic or an air head is truly unfair (no one actually called me a materialistic person, just saying).

I admit that I wasn't born into a rich family or lived in a luxurious home. I wasn't poor but we were able to get by and live a decent and comfortable life. It's just unfortunate that I grew up in a community or environment where everyone was stinking rich! I hated it and really felt insecure when my classmates where picked up by new cars and personal body guards and I on the other hand had to wait for my always late father driving an outdated Toyota. I was always embarrassed with our car and I especially hate it when people look down at me.

So thus I grew up as a materialistic bastard who needs to gather expensive items to make a statement and protect my pride and social status. But don't get me wrong, I may want to look impressive but I know how to act appropriately around other people. When I deal with people who are less fortunate than me who are kind and respectful, I show them the same gratitude. I never make them feel like trash and I support and approve the idea that they are my equals. I actually am uncomfortable and sometimes ashamed that I have something that they will never ever have (not to sound self important). But there are people who are trash but act like they're something so I don't even bother conversing with them. If they do interact with me I follow the Golden Rule: Be sociable and I will be sociable but be a douche and I will show you the 7 levels of hell.

I really look up to the several blessed people I know and by blessed I mean wealthy and have an abundant source of income. The rich people I know and love to associate with are people who may live big but don't have big heads. I never associate myself with uber rich people with nasty personalities because I'll just feel insignificant and insecure but wait that's not the point.

The point I'm trying to make is that it doesn't hurt to dress nice and act civilized and refined as long as you don't step on other people. So if people hate you and call you an effing materialistic loser (again no one called me this) then it's their problem! It's not your fault that they're poor and miserable, you have everything you have right now because you worked hard for it and for someone to barge into your life and call you a fucking coffee stirrer (yes someone called me this and it really hit a nerve) is a reason to dress up to show that you are actually not a poor bastard just trying his best to live a decent life (not that being one is bad). If you don't act civilized and refined then people would judge you as a fucking contract worker but then contract workers would hate you because then you're a fucking show off!

Society sucks! This is why the rich and the poor never mix well together. This social stigma will never go away because of how people operate.

Damn, this post really ended badly.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 Year Old Mother

What on earth is happening to the world?! First was the story of a 13 Year Old Father and now this! But it seems that people aren't surprised that this is happening and some would even disregard this as something natural since it normally happens nowadays.

Call me old-fashioned but I still can't accept a minor bearing kids and raising their own family. If I had a daughter or a son, I would never let anything like this happen. They said that there is nothing that can stop love but logic and reason must always prevail especially in these kinds of situations. If they really loved each other, they would have waited and prepared themselves before finally having a child.

The father really deserves to go to jail because he should have known better than to corrupt and destroy the life of a minor. Doing the deed is bad enough but doing it with out any protection is just plain irresponsible and stupid.

I just hope that stories such as this one would deter young couples from deciding to have babies. I just fear that this would actually inspire or promote pre-adolescent marriages and unions.

A Guide to the World of Web Hosting

I'm actually not what you would call a professional blogger or expert in web design and web hosting. I'm actually just like each and every one of you out there who have no clue about HTML, DNS, or what ever jargons and internet lingo that is out there.

I'm familiar with some of the terms yes but I am a total neophyte when it comes to these things that is why I rely heavily on web hosting guides. It really helps if you understand some of the terms so that you won't be completely lost when choosing your own website host. There are several things to consider when choosing your own website host such as the server's operating software, database server software, and what kind of control panel the domain would provide you with as well as other extras and essentials.

To those who don't know the concept of website hosting,  it's actually a service provided where you can store all your website data in a server where it can easily be retrieved on the world wide web when needed. There are several web hosting companies out there but it really helps if you read reviews and ratings of the top 10 websites before making a huge decision as to where you would do business with.

I highly recommend that you go over these helpful tips, guides, and articles by Web Hosting Rating before you make the long term decision of who you would trust to make sure that your website stays online on the internet.

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