Friday, July 3, 2009

I Just Love Cars

Just like any normal human being, I have a great love and passion for great cars! But unlike other people, my dream car or other things I desire and wish to have are the things that I could actually have. I don't dream of being able to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini because I know that there are more things that I could buy with that amount of money (if I had that much money that is). When I dream of something, I dream of something that I could actually grab because the satisfaction of achieving your goals and wants is just amazing!

So when I think of a dream car, I think of something that is inexpensive but something that won't be considered cheap too. The quality and the worth of the car should also be in the right range of reason. And like always, I have to read reviews of the car in order for me to really fall in love with it.

So here is the first car that I would want to have, a GMC Yukon. Now this is a car that I would really want to have, a truck-based SUV. It has all the things I could ask for. It's very useful since I can use it to haul heavy stuff around because it has this powerful V8 engine but luxury isn't sacrificed either. It's a very reasonably priced car around $37,705 - $46,785. And with it's navigation system being one of the best out there I won't mind shelling out a few bucks.

The second dream car of mine would be the Mercedes Benz GLK. This baby is the first five passenger compact SUV from Mercedes and I really like it. The model I want is the 2010 one and since it still isn't in the market there's not much that I hear about it but I really like it's edgy design.

The third car of my dreams would be the Subaru WRX. Although I really prefer SUV's over cars I liked the Subaru WRX because it boasts a 5 seating capacity and if you choose the hatchback version you can have ample cargo space. But the best thing that I love about this car is it's all-wheel-drive versatility which is certainly a must during winter.

And last but certainly not the least is the Nissan Rogue! I might be a bit biased with choosing this car because we own a 2009 Nissan Pathfinder and I just have to be honest and say that I love our Nissan. But since I want a car of my own which isn't as big as our Pathfinder, the Nissan Rogue is the best choice for me. I really love the design of Nissan cars and for me the Rogue is one of the models that have such a modern and eye-catching design.

I just wish that I get to learn how to drive and get my own driver's license so that I can finally drive a car even if it isn't my dream car.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

When I woke up this morning I really felt the festive mood. The news was covering the Canada Day celebration at Ottawa and cars outside had Canadian flags attached to them. Today was in fact Canada Day, the birthday of Canada.

Although I'm not a Canadian citizen yet, with emphasis on the yet, I still feel happy and proud of being able to have the privilege of living here in Canada as a Permanent Resident. I am one of the 90% of people living here in Canada that said that Canada is a great place to live. Canada is a place of diverse culture and nationalities and for my family, it is the place where our dreams came true (well partly since I'm not yet in school and being able to finish my nursing program is one of my goals). Equality and great opportunities are the reason my mom wanted to move here in Canada, not to mention the great economy (then and in the coming future I hope) and good governance.

We had our own little celebrations here in our neighbourhood where people all gathered together at the park to see the beautiful fireworks display. I was unfortunately working today but I still had the opportunity to stop whatever I was doing and go outside to appreciate the fireworks.

Redefining Myself

It has been a known fact for several decades now that your physical appearance will somehow play a significant role in your life. I mean let's take for example our selves. Let's be honest, if 2 people approach you and ask you to date them it would be only natural that you pick the better looking person. Personality or intelligence will then follow. Isn't it true that we feel more comfortable talking to someone we are more attracted to and we somehow feel uncomfortable and even indifferent to someone we consider ugly based on our own personal preference.

So it would only be natural for me to want to improve how people see me and most importantly how I see myself. I really want a tummy tuck. I am so sure that this will surely boost my self confidence ten-folds because my love handles has been my problem since forever! I tried exercising and even starving myself at times but nothing really works. I know that this simple surgical procedure will change my life forever for the better.

After a long decade of despair and self loath, I'm actually happy to have discovered MYA Cosmetic Surgery, my personal beacon of hope. I have looked at their site, the services they offer, and even the patient testimonials and I have to say that I really like what I see. People would think that cosmetic surgery is only reserved for the rich and famous but this isn't the case at all. The public is very welcome to take part in these self-improving cosmetic procedures to make their self look amazing.

I really like the financing options that MYA offers. Their financing options are quite flexible and you may even qualify for a 0% financing how great is that?! Although their clinics and the procedures will be done in one of the major cities in the UK, their 25 years of operation in the business and 100,000 procedures done, the long distance travel from Canada to one of the UK based clinics is sure worth it! What better way to show the world the new you but with travelling around London and treating yourself with new designer clothes.

Nigahiga, KevJumba, Fred, and HappySlip

I've got to say that YouTube sure has some interesting stuff and I'm kind of getting addicted to watching a dozen videos every night! But with great comedians like Nigahiga, KevJumba, Fred, and HappySlip I can spend several hours when I get home from work until the break of dawn watching them... stalking them, LOL!

So the first on my list of favorite YouTube celebrities is the awesome tandem between Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi as seen on the picture to the right respectively. Nigahiga is a comedic group between the two and they have great "How to" instructional videos like how to be ninja, how to be nerd, and how to be gangster! I love the How to be a ninja because I know how to be a nerd by heart already so there's no need for any help in that department, I got it covered baby. Right now they have the "Movies in Minutes" series where as the name implies, they make short version or parodies of movies like Twilight, Titanic, and etc. But they actually have a movie of their own together and it's called "Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure". Oh yeah, they both are Japanese but they were born in Hawaii.

Now the second on my list is Kevjumba or Kevin Wu in real life. As Kevjumba said, you know Asians are darn cute! And this straight A, Pokemon loving, dude can sure make a statement and make girls say awe, you and your doggie are so cute together. But he hates this statement because he doesn't want to be categorized as a cute thing together with his dog. He says he's a man, a gangster in fact... you be the judge. Anyway, although he doesn't seem to do skits that much like other YouTubers, just mere talking about controversial topics like racism and stereotypes with a hint of comedy is pure genius! He also has his signature dance moves which consists of him bobbing his head around and playing with his hands at the beginning of the videos which takes about one fourth of the video, but that doesn't matter cause the girls love it anyway.

So the third YouTube star that I took a liking of is no other than the noisy and irritating Fred Figglehorn who somehow makes my day brighten up somehow. Fred played by Lucas Cruicshank is a fast-talking, naughty, and hyper-active kindergartener who does funny and sometimes very silly stuff like lifting weights and hurting himself. Although Fred can be self-centered at times his innocence and energy makes him such a memorable face... and sound of course because Fred loves singing, even if he's extremely tone deaf. But that only adds more to his charm.

Last but not the least is Christine Gambito's HappySlip. Christine, who is of Filipino ancestry, is an American internet personality and comedian who does all of her comedy sketches all by herself and playing all of the characters by herself by simply using wigs and clothes to impersonate members of her family. It's amazing how she is able to transcend and break through Filipino stereotypes and molds. I especially love the way she shows the Filipino culture in her skits and it doesn't hurt at all as she uses Filipino "bamboo English" to add humor to her sketches.

So there you go, some of my favorite comedians on YouTube. I also know some excellent musicians on YouTube and I will indeed make a post on my top picks next time. I just wish I have enough confidence and not to mention the looks to make my own video log or YouTube video.

You just wait, maybe I can be the next YouTube superstar with millions of subscribers and viewers everyday, LOL!

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