Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Waiting For Someone

“I’m just waiting for someone to come along and make me happy"
Mary is depressed and lonely. She feels her life is a mess. She tells herself, "If I can just find some people to like me I'll be happy."
When your life is a mess, happy and stable people tend to avoid you. They look for those who are basically happy and stable. While Mary is miserable and depressed, she'll only attract people who have big problems. They they’ll have twice the misery.
The same applies to waiting for lovers. We have to sort ourselves out first. If I say to you "Love me enough, and I'm sure I'll stop trying to kill myself'< that’s bound to put a strain on the relationship.
Other people can help to make us happier, but we need to be in control of our life first. When we wait for people to 'arrive' and fix everything we're courting disappointment. If they don’t arrive, we get more depressed
If they do arrive, but they don’t behave, as we want, then we get really depressed! Then we blame them and say, "you're supposed to make me happy!"
People who enjoy fulfilling, stable relationships are balanced people. They don't go looking for someone else to 'fill a hole'
They recognize their own value. In songs and movies people say, "I was NOBODY 'till I met," but in real life, that’s an unhealthy situation. You have to be SOMEBODY first. It’s no good being someone’s "other half" - you’re a whole person.
Lets learn from Mary. She is lonely, depressed, and feels left out. She doesn’t understand why people exclude her from their plans.
She may have overlooked the fact that she’s always waiting for other people to call her up, make a move, make a date, and coax her into joining them. People get tired of coaxing you into things. They want enthusiasm.
You have to make it known that you’re ready to participate in life. The first step in making friends is a willingness to get out and meet people. You don’t meet many fascinating individuals walking between your TV and your computer.
Mary can become an initiator, and get on the phone and call up some people. "Hi, John! You may not remember me but I live across the street. Would you like to go out for a pizza?” Hi BRYLE (here) Imp thinking of doing some cycling, studying, or hang gliding this weekend. Will you join me?
The world is full of people who have conquered shyness (or arrogance or pride) and have opened up new horizons. If you plan to make some changes and some new friends, be prepared for the occasional knock back or declined invitation. Continue to make the effort and you’ll be rewarded.
To avoid disappointment, form friendships without expecting anything in return. Do things for others without demands, and you’ll never be disappointed. Some people will return favors and affection, and some wont. If you care for people because you want to, and not because you expect something back, you wont feel crushed should they fail to return a thought or favor?
The universe is essentially fair and just. If you are giving out care and affection, good things will come back to you, though not necessarily when or from where you expect.

Monday, March 6, 2006

The Johari Window

The Johari Window is used to let you know and people know who you really are in the perspective of other people and your own perspective. I have been answering or rather I have been describing people so I guess it's my time to be evaluated to know who I really am in the eyes of my friends and maybe soon to be friends (depends on your description for me, hehehe joke). Just be honest... I won't get mad hehehe.... Please follow this link....

Saturday, March 4, 2006

I'm A Reformed (well at least partly) Person!!!

I am really happy that at last I am a reformed person (well at least partly). I have learned to let go of things that have been making my heart ache. I realized that the life that I have been living is not very fulfilling and that I could live a better life. I have stopped blaming my self for everything. I have moved on with my life and that I am very happy with my decision. If people can't understand me and can't accept me for weho I am then it is their problem and not mine. I am a good person and I have a bright future ahead of me. I am a good person, yes I am... Only if people can see the real me... But I won't let anyone hold my happiness any longer... I am the weilder of my life and I chose to be happy. But I don't blame the person I love for not being the person I imagined or wanted that person to be. The guilty party here is myself for I thought that I could find love but I failed to realize that there is a time and place for everything. I let go of all my problems and heart ache. I am happy now. I won't talk or linger on about this topic any longer. I will be happy....

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Favorite Song

I Make My Life

Never allow anyone to hold your happiness... This statement keeps on hitting me on the face but I always fail to notice it. Come on! I give up! I won't let love ruin my life! Like I'm smart, I do have looks, and I have a bright future ahead of me! Why enslave my self over someone who does not even care that I exist. Ok! I always search for happiness that I already have but I just keep on taking it for granted. Like come on! Why do I make a problem out of nothing right? Well I'm just hurt so bad and I don't understand why. Why do I have to meet the person who I thought would spend with me my love and life and in the end just disappear all of a sudden. Fine! It was a fling but sana naman I was warned and told that it was all over. Like I still have communication naman sa kanya but maybe its my fault for always assuming. Me and my assumptions!!! But its not my ex-love's fault. It's my fault. Stupid heart!!! But I survived with out this person in my life... so I'll still live. I'll even be happier!
Today is hell... I have to study for Philosophy, Politicaql Science, Religious Studies, and I have to do a stupid Filipino homework! Hay naku! Stress!!! But instead of making me go crazy, I'll use this stress to drice me more into being productive!