Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lust and Martyr

Today is a very bad day for me. My friend and I had hurt each other very deeply. And it’s all because of someone who is so lustful and can’t think about nothing else but sex. I won’t name these people to protect their privacy but I hate the lustful one (animal). Let’s just name them Lust, the devil, and Martyr, my friend. I don’t really understand why Martyr is giving Lust a chance even though Martyr knows that Lust is only after one thing… sex. I know, because I have to suffer the constant nonsense that Lust shares with me about how many people this maniac has slept with and etc.
Martyr is a very close friend of mine and I would never want to see this person get hurt and I blame myself for everything for it was my doing that made their paths to cross. I have told Martyr who Lust is and what Lust is capable of but somehow Martyr got infatuated with Lust and suddenly decides to give Lust a chance and hoped that Lust won’t treat Martyr as Lust treats the other exes. I’m only hoping for a miracle that this is true for Martyr hopes that Martyr can change Lust. But who could change Lust when even the source of Lust can’t control Lust. Lust is a selfish spoiled brat who gets what Lusts wants anytime anywhere.
Oh! The great pain I go through every time I think of Lust and Martyr together. I know that Martyr will never give Lust what Lust wants because Martyr is not stupid like the exes of Lust.
I don’t know what to do… If Martyr is happy with Lust, should I just leave Martyr alone when I know what will happen in the end? Lust gets what Lust wants and then leaves Martyr alone with nothing? How sad… How really sad…

Stress! How Do We Cope With It?

Stress! How Do We Cope With It?
Stress is part of life. Or we can also say that life is stress. Yes these two come hand in hand. Why because life could never exist with out stress and stress cannot exist with out life. We experience stress on a day-to-day basis. We experience stress at home, at school, and even in our love life! But stress does not just happen when we feel on the edge or when we are on the verge of exploding! Stress also accompanies us during our good experiences like your first kiss, getting an A in Chemistry, or even when you get to finish a very brain-drilling project. So this is how we sort of understand stress. But what is stress really and how do we cope with it?
Stress, which we all know is the opposite of relaxation, is a medical term for the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment. Our stress can be classified into two types according to its causes and effects. Eustress, or the positive stress, is essential to life because this kind of stress empowers us to be more productive and it also results in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. Eustress is the product of extreme happiness. Distress, or the negative stress, on the other hand can result in disease. The longer a person is subjected to distress, the person may be overstressed and the person will experience feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to severe health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. There are many temporary relieves for stress, or pick-me-ups, such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, solvents, drugs, tobacco, and even our own adrenaline. It is not advisable to combat our depression with these pick-me-ups because they are only temporary and they will lead to addiction and dependence to these items. It is more advisable to cope up stress by proper stress management. There are six simple ways to do this. The first way is to identify your stressors, or the factors that cause stress. If you have identified your stressors, the second step would be to recognize what you can change. For example, we AHSE students have 31 units this semester and this is our stressor. To reduce the effect of the stress caused by this since we cannot drop subjects, we can devote part of our time to give attention to each subject and give ourselves breaks. The third way to reduce stress is to reduce the intensity of your emotional reactions to stress. Always think positive and do not linger with the “what ifs and should haves”. Fourth is to learn to moderate your physical reactions to stress. We should learn relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Fifth is to build your physical reserves. We should always stay physically healthy by exercising regularly, eating right, and sleeping right. Lastly, we should maintain our emotional reserves. We can do this by developing a support group.
Coping with stress is not a hard task. All we need is the will to throw away our troubles and just be happy. As the very popular saying would go, it’s a mind over matter thing. We can never get rid of our stressors so we might as well live with it creatively. If you still can’t cope it’s advisable to seek professional help.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Why am I blogging again?

Why am I blogging again?
Here I go again jotting down my thoughts and posting it on my blog. Well let’s just say that I have been inspired by a colleague again and also realized why I blog. I blog, or write down an online journal, to have someone, or in this case an inanimate object, hear my sentiments and even problems. I suddenly remember Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City. She’s a writer right and she always write down her thoughts on her laptop. Well let’s just say that I myself am an aspiring writer and I do express my self better in writing than speaking. Besides, in this case my blog won’t reject me because of the things I say and I am assured that my blogger would listen and won’t get bored.
I also want other people to know me… Well just for the fun of it hehehe. Joke. It’s not as if the whole world really have access to my blog. But I do have some visitors of my blog and they are from other countries and they too have blogs.
Hey don’t get me wrong! I may be an introvert but I also do have my own circle of friends to share my problems, joys, and etc. That’s why I haven’t updated my blog for a very long time now. Well it has been very long since my last post. I have a lot of updating to do. Where to start? My life is becoming interesting and exciting.
Hey! I suddenly thought of another reason why I should blog! If ever I die at least my parents and loved ones can have something to log on to, to remember me and my pessimistic self hehehe… yes life is short and we should make the best out of it.
Ok enough drama, here is the start of my blogging spree hehehe… I’ll try to write down my thoughts everyday. And sorry if you get board, but hey… this blog is all about me right?! Bwahahaha!!!
Enjoy! (hopefully)


“I’m just waiting for someone to come along and make me happy"
Mary is depressed and lonely. She feels her life is a mess. She tells herself, "If I can just find some people to like me I'll be happy."
When your life is a mess, happy and stable people tend to avoid you. They look for those who are basically happy and stable. While Mary is miserable and depressed, she'll only attract people who have big problems. They they’ll have twice the misery.
The same applies to waiting for lovers. We have to sort ourselves out first. If I say to you "Love me enough, and I'm sure I'll stop trying to kill myself'< that’s bound to put a strain on the relationship.
Other people can help to make us happier, but we need to be in control of our life first. When we wait for people to 'arrive' and fix everything we're courting disappointment. If they don’t arrive, we get more depressed
If they do arrive, but they don’t behave, as we want, then we get really depressed! Then we blame them and say, "you're supposed to make me happy!"
People who enjoy fulfilling, stable relationships are balanced people. They don't go looking for someone else to 'fill a hole'
They recognize their own value. In songs and movies people say, "I was NOBODY 'till I met," but in real life, that’s an unhealthy situation. You have to be SOMEBODY first. It’s no good being someone’s "other half" - you’re a whole person.
Lets learn from Mary. She is lonely, depressed, and feels left out. She doesn’t understand why people exclude her from their plans.
She may have overlooked the fact that she’s always waiting for other people to call her up, make a move, make a date, and coax her into joining them. People get tired of coaxing you into things. They want enthusiasm.
You have to make it known that you’re ready to participate in life. The first step in making friends is a willingness to get out and meet people. You don’t meet many fascinating individuals walking between your TV and your computer.
Mary can become an initiator, and get on the phone and call up some people. "Hi, John! You may not remember me but I live across the street. Would you like to go out for a pizza?” Hi BRYLE (here) Imp thinking of doing some cycling, studying, or hang gliding this weekend. Will you join me?
The world is full of people who have conquered shyness (or arrogance or pride) and have opened up new horizons. If you plan to make some changes and some new friends, be prepared for the occasional knock back or declined invitation. Continue to make the effort and you’ll be rewarded.
To avoid disappointment, form friendships without expecting anything in return. Do things for others without demands, and you’ll never be disappointed. Some people will return favors and affection, and some wont. If you care for people because you want to, and not because you expect something back, you wont feel crushed should they fail to return a thought or favor?
The universe is essentially fair and just. If you are giving out care and affection, good things will come back to you, though not necessarily when or from where you expect.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006