Friday, October 8, 2004

Ok, hi people. To those who might have not heard what friendster is: It's a website dedicated to social interaction! You meet people and all. It's kind of cool. Just try it and see for yourself what it really is. Visit and if your already a member add me! You won't be able to meet any people if you don't have connections. Hey I'm not doing this so I'll have many friends ha? I just want to spread the world and all. That's all, bye bye. Smile.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Mount Sipaka

Mount Sipaka

I can still remember the strong wind that tried to throw us off the mountain. I felt fear and thought for the worst while the shifting sands forced us to our knees and while the sand and stone blown by the wind blinded us and made us loose our way. Climbing that mountain was no easy task.

Mount Sipaka reminded me of the hardships that we encounter in life. Life is cruel, hard, and there is no easy way out. Life is unfair. I remember my life, the problems I now face with my God, my family, and with my studies. I just wanted to give up and wanted to jump off that mountain to end it all, but then I remember my foster family. How can they still live and even afford to smile? I felt envy and wished that I my self would be happy. I knew then for sure that the poverty they experience now is not a hindrance to their happiness. I then asked my self, are they really the ones who need help or our selves? My foster family did not have anything, but they were generous enough to shelter me, feed me, and welcome me as part of their family not expecting anything in return. We take pride in the material things we have but are we really happy? They too need food, clothing, and shelter but they have one thing that we don’t, true happiness. We are too proud to care and are to proud to share what we have because we think that we are better belittling them. It’s funny, it doesn’t seem that way. We are just insecure.

I did climb that mountain, but I did not climb it alone. My foster mom went with me, my friends, and my classmates. I was scared and confused but I felt safe with the people I love and care for. I remember my family and my best friend; they had always been there for me and they are the ones who make me feel important. We can’t live alone. We have to admit that it would really be lonely with out anyone to lend us a hand when we are in a tight spot, this is what our brothers and sisters living in poverty need. They need our help, our love, and our care just as we do need their love. I then realized that I was also climbing with God. He watches over me and guides me. The Stations of the Cross reminded me of his great love, the reason why he created everything. I remembered Jesus Christ and how he suffered. I suddenly felt guilty and the difficulty I felt was soon forgotten. Jesus suffered more and he suffered because of the sins of the world and my sins. God was able to give the greatest sacrifice of all, his own son for our salvation.

Reaching the top, I see the cross, and for once I see the real beauty of our world. I for that single moment forgot my problems and I thought of only one thing, the reason why God created me. There must be a reason for my life and why I must under go these trials. There must be a reason, and this is what I have to continue to find out.

2-Campion picture!

This is my 2-Campion class. I mean classmates. I'm currently in 4th year right now, 4-Fernando. This picture was taken during the school year 2002-2003 I think. I can say that I really bloomed in academics during this period. But look at me now! I regret ever transferring sections! I am so tired of all my academics! I can't take it anymore! That's all thank you. Smile.

Vincent rules!

My Picture!

This is me! This was taken during our Intrams.

Vincent rules!
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